Gdash - GlusterFS Dashboard 1.0 released

Posted on Oct 19, 2020 by Aravinda Vishwanathapura
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At, we reviewed the existing projects around GlusterFS and identified a few projects which can help the users to manage/monitor GlusterFS clusters. Gdash is one such project that provides a lightweight solution to monitor the GlusterFS. This project is now moved from my repo to Github/Kadalu organization.

Read this blog for the initial announcement of this project.

This release got a nice UI upgrade and a few more features. Highlights of the new features are:

  • Gdash now uses glustercli Python bindings from the project gluster/glustercli-python

  • The improved User interface.

  • The earlier version used the --remote-host option to execute volume info and status commands. But this option only allowed on a few read-only commands. This version of gdash runs within the Cluster, which means run it on any one node of the Cluster.

  • One of the issues with GlusterFS CLI is hostname is shown as localhost in the node where the command is executed(gluster pool list). Gdash adds a hostname argument so that it replaces the localhost with the provided hostname.

  • Login is supported, and it is very easy to configure.

Login Screen

Gdash Login


Gdash Dashboard


Gdash Volumes

Volume detail page

Gdash Volume Detail

Volume detail page showing Volume options

Gdash Volume Opts


Gdash Peers


Gdash Bricks

Refer to project README for install and usage instructions.

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