Open Source

Kadalu Storage is opinionated GlusterFS distribution focused on ease of use and a Scalable network filesystem. All the production-grade Kadalu Software are available as free/Open Source for self-hosting purposes. For community support, we provide help via Slack and Github issues/discussions.


The core filesystem layer is GlusterFS with added features. GlusterFS project is licensed under GPL v3. Kadalu Kubernetes integration and other projects under Github/kadalu are licensed under Apache-2.0.


  • kadalu project provides Operator, CSI drivers, Server and Prometheus exporters required for providing Kubernetes native storage solution.

  • moana project provides an external control plane for managing GlusterFS Clusters and Volumes without using Glusterd.

  • gluster-metrics-exporter project provides Prometheus exporters for exporting Cluster and node-level metrics.

  • gdash project provides a lightweight dashboard for GlusterFS.

  • binnacle a Test framework with the focus for Tester’s delight!

and many more projects. Visit Github/Kadalu and Gluster org for the list of all projects.

Ways to Contribute

There are many ways you as a user, developer or contributor can get involved.

  • You can support Kadalu Storage by sponsoring the Kadalu Open Collective page.

  • Provide feedback on the RFCs

  • Tweet(@kadaluio) and share your experience of using Kadalu Storage.

  • File a bug report - Kadalu team believes in Open development, you can open a bug report in any of the Kadalu projects listed under Github/Kadalu.

  • Discuss in Slack - Join here to discuss with Kadalu core team members and other community users.

  • Write blog posts, articles and documentation.

  • Alpha-test the development version of Kadalu.

  • Contribute to the source code.

  • Review pull requests.

  • Feature request.

  • Contribute to Test infrastructure.

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